Brand New Conference: The Wrap

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Brand New Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Helmed by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit of Under Consideration, the event was a tightly run ship where speakers from around the globe shared insights on branding and logo development, while showing off some amazing work. … Read rest of […]

Getting Crafty with Neenah Papers

Elements [], based in Branford, Conn., hosts monthly Craft Nights for clients, friends, and family. “It’s a fun way to connect with friends and make things with our hands,” says Elements principal, Amy Graver. “The theme for the party was ‘Summer,’ and it was inspired by the beautiful sheets of Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Papers we had in […]

Comeback Kid: @issue gets new online presence

In 1995, Kit Hinrichs and Delphine Hirasuna took on an ambitious adventure with the Corporate Design Foundation (CDF), when they launched @issue: The Journal of Business and Design. It was immediately embraced by the design and business communities because it was the only publication that really addressed how design directly impacts businesses and their brands. […]

Papercrafting at its best

We are going deep into the strange and wonderful world of paper geeks today, readers. But the deeper you go, the better it gets. It takes one to know one.  Owen Gildersleeve is a designer, papercraft illustrator, and set maker in London. He recently authored and designed Paper Cut, An Exploration into the Contemporary World […]

Josh Silverman is all about the eyes

Josh Silverman recently moved to San Francisco to start an exciting new business venture called Startnership. “I’m acting on a dream of living in the most beautiful city in the United States,” he says. “There’s an ultra-concentrated environment where start-ups, design, and the entrepreneurial spirit of reinvention are constantly churning newness. With the new business […]

Ariel is an asshole, and other observations

Last night I watched Footloose with my daughters. When I first saw the movie, 30 years ago (gulp!), I was mesmerized by the developing romance between Ariel and Wren, played by the always dreamy Kevin Bacon. I wanted to be like Ariel, the beautiful, brazen girl that all the boys liked. But watching the movie […]

Fifty Shades of Sean

If you follow Sean Adams on Facebook or his blog, Burning Settlers Cabin, you know he is fascinated by his family’s history and the roles his family members played in American politics. He shares photos that he finds, and if you’re not paying attention, you may miss the fact that Sean is lingering in the […]

Tan Le Quotes the Classics

Tan Le is known for his open and honest opinions when it comes to design and culture. He was a founding member of Speak Up!, and he also has a column right here on RockPaperInk, called Design Bully. He’s also a self described movie buff, so when given the chance to design his own set of […]

Moshik Nadav has 1000 Thank Yous

Moshik Nadav is a type designer based in New York City. Although he’s only been in the States a short six months, he’s already making a name for himself with his beautiful typography. So, when I asked him to create a set of MOO MiniCards, he used the opportunity to thank his supporters. Read the full […]