Rebecca is a Wild Child

When Matt Porter, Grand Poobah of Design Family Reunion, beckoned us—his cult family—to submit photos of ourselves in compromising positions, we didn’t really know what to expect. I still haven’t sent any in for fear of major repercussions. Rebecca Bedrossian, however, bravely submitted some wonderful gems and in turn, gave me plenty to work with. […]

Mark is Malcontent

If you haven’t heard of Mark Kingsley, you should. He is a designer, writer, critic, teacher, cultural observer, and head honcho at Malcontent. He also wrote the Malcontent column here on RockPaperInk. I knew Mark’s MOO MiniCards would be contemplative, and he didn’t let me down. Read more about this at

We are Family

Design Family Reunion (DFR) is an intimate gathering of creatives who are looking to unplug, recharge, and make personal connections. It’s not a conference. You won’t sit in a big air-conditioned assembly at a large hotel or conference center among thousands of strangers. This event, conceived by Matthew Porter and Terry Marks, first took place […]