The Moxie Interviews

Bringing Sexy Back to Type

Anagrama, Sagmeister & Walsh, HOW magazine.

Nine Type Designers to Watch, Print magazine.

Snask and Paralléle Graphique, Eye on Design

Handlettering Gymnastics. Print magazine’s online publication

Why Sagmeister & Walsh Stays Small. This article was part of a larger article that appears in the November/December 2014 issue of HOW magazine, in which 7 design firm owners were interviewed about why they choose to stay small–as in five people or less.

Brand New Conference: The Wrap

The comeback kid: @issue gets new online presence. Print magazine’s online publication.

PaperCut: Interview with Owen Gildersleeve on the making of his beautiful book on papercraft.

2014 AIGA Medalists bios:

Sean Adams & Noreen Morioka

Dana Arnett

Ann Willoughby

Cheryl Heller

 2011 Essay on AIGA Medalist, Robert Vogele

I wrote a series of articles for Felt & Wire, called “Creative Chain.” Every week, we’d feature three artists—each inspired by the previous artist.  Over the course of 30 weeks, we met 90 creatives—illustrators, graphic designers, sculptors, painters, etc.—from around the globe. You can read my recap, here.

Various other stuff:

I did a couple of Op-Ed pieces for the Peoria Journal Star a couple of years ago. Once in a while I get fired up and feel the need to express my opinions. I wasn’t really prepared for the backlash, but I do love controversy!

Racing for the Cure, but funding Planned Parenthood

Point the Finger at the Rapist, Not the Victim