Eight and a Half Creates Memorable Movie Trailers

Design studio Eight and a Half, has been creating some of the most memorable television title graphics in the past five years including The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, followed by The Late Show with Seth Meyers, HBO’s Saving My Tomorrow, and many others. Founded by Bonnie Siegler (formerly the partner at Number 17), the firm, which does branding, logo design, editorial, websites and more, also boasts clients like Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Daily Beast, Participant Media, The Brooklyn Public Library, among many more.

The work the firm has been doing for Criterion Collection for the past four years, is some of their best. They create theatrical release trailers, as well as short promotional pieces that advocate Criterion’s DVDs. These 90 second trailers are called “Three Reasons.” Siegler explains, “Criterion has incredible DVDs with unbelievable extras. People collect them. So they asked us to come up with a way to promote them, without showing old trailers. I thought it would be cool to come up with three reasons why this movie is in the Criterion Collection.” Read the rest of the article here.


Expert Advice on Picking the Right Resume Font

For creative professionals, choosing the right resume font is particularly important. Here’s some expert advice to consider when making your selection.

For many hiring managers in the creative industry, how a resume looks matters as much as what it contains. Pick the wrong font, and you could jeopardize your chances of landing an interview. But because choosing the right resume font is subjective, we asked five noted design experts to share their favorites as well as ones to avoid at all costs.

Our resume font “creative council” included:

Even among this small group, some discrepancies arose, furthering the great resume font debate. Read on to get their take — and then weigh in. Read the interview here.