Spooktastic Fun!

What better way to spend a crisp, fall day than making crafts at work? Trick or treaters visiting this Connecticut based design studio will have to earn their treats this year. Elements brewed up some frightful creations this past Friday.

Principal Amy Graver says, “It was nice to unplug and shut down, use our hands, and collaborate to figure out how to create each piece together. We were swapping ideas and materials, as well as bad Halloween jokes all day. It was a blast!” Read the rest of the article here.

elements lanterns
Photography by Steve Walter, stevewalterphoto.com.

Spooktacular Craft Party

Elements has done it again! Spicing up their studio with sinister machinations and quirky craft creations, the fantastic four (Amy Graver, Chelsea May, Tracy Forbes, and Kathryn Chase-Levin), hosted another successful crafting party for friends and colleagues. They served up spooky spirits and snacks while a Pandora playlist of Halloween music inspired the crafters—and, occasionally, irritated them. “We had to keep skipping songs because some of them were driving us crazy with the dramatic organ music or hardcore guitar riffs,” says May. Read the rest here.


Getting Crafty with Neenah Papers


Elements [elementsdesign.com], based in Branford, Conn., hosts monthly Craft Nights for clients, friends, and family. “It’s a fun way to connect with friends and make things with our hands,” says Elements principal, Amy Graver. “The theme for the party was ‘Summer,’ and it was inspired by the beautiful sheets of Neenah ENVIRONMENT® Papers we had in the office.” Read the full article, here.

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