Expert Advice on Picking the Right Resume Font

For creative professionals, choosing the right resume font is particularly important. Here’s some expert advice to consider when making your selection.

For many hiring managers in the creative industry, how a resume looks matters as much as what it contains. Pick the wrong font, and you could jeopardize your chances of landing an interview. But because choosing the right resume font is subjective, we asked five noted design experts to share their favorites as well as ones to avoid at all costs.

Our resume font “creative council” included:

Even among this small group, some discrepancies arose, furthering the great resume font debate. Read on to get their take — and then weigh in. Read the interview here.

Q&A with Rule 29’s Justin Ahrens

Want to build a firm with strong organizational values? Follow the lead of Rule29’s Justin Ahrens.

As founder and principal of the creative firm Rule29, Justin Ahrens has built a creative culture based not just on doing good work but also doing actual good. It’s the kind of ethos that builds team loyalty and creates a healthy work environment conducive to creative problem solving.

Here, Ahrens discusses Rule29’s organizational values and the positive impact that extends far beyond the walls of his Illinois-based firm.

How does one establish and lead a company with strong organizational values? Are there key concepts or rules? 

Culture is created by defining what your company stands for and making decisions based on those values. Workplace culture is the manifestation of the company’s beliefs and values. It ultimately becomes the “How We Do Things Around Here.” These beliefs and values have to be established early on and used to help identify the right fit for the right employees and the right clients. The rules that need to be followed are pretty straightforward ­– be true to your values. They need to be your benchmark. Read the rest here.