Wink. Thyme. Scentsational.

Thyme, which has been in business for 30 years, creates botanically-infused fragrances, soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. The brand’s artisan qualities and craftsmanship are beautifully represented at every touchpoint—from the website to the catalogs, to the packaging of the individual products. The website and print materials have an organic aesthetic, featuring art quality photographs of the products, oftentimes alongside their natural ingredients. The credit for orchestrating this fluid brand story goes to the design firm of record, Wink, in Minneapolis.

This year marks a milestone for one of Thyme’s signature fragrances. It’s the 25th anniversary of the Classic Goldleaf collection—a fragrance of smooth jasmine, fragrant roses, hyacinth, and lily of the valley blossom infused with oakmoss and musk. The Goldleaf fragrance has been Thymes’ longest selling and most popular scent. Scott Thares, principal of Wink, notes, “Because of its historical track record and dedicated fan base, Thymes wanted to release new packaging and products to celebrate this anniversary occasion. Our goal was to design offerings that represent the luxurious and high-end feel that Goldleaf has always had.”

Thares updated the previous leaf design motif to a slightly more modern and fresh look that is also celebratory in nature. “We wanted to design offerings that represent the luxurious and high-end feel that Goldleaf has always had,” he says. In keeping with the upscale aesthetic, he chose a high-quality paper stock for the packaging that is tactile and durable. Neenah Stardream in Antique Gold serves as the main vessel for the product, while the box cover is Classic Crest, Natural White, with a gold stippled pattern that perfectly complements the box.

The elegant leaf pattern is carried throughout the design, creating a classy and modern feel to this classic product.

The resulting package is classy, classic, and exquisitely executed.