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I have been an editor and writer working in the graphic design publishing trade for more than 25 years. In that time I’ve managed a slew of publications, people, and events.

Since July 2014, I have been an independent writer, editor, and consultant working for a diverse range of clients including Moxie Sozo, Neenah Paper, Creative Live, AIGA, Goodtype, Elements, and more. I like working with nice people and companies that do great work for themselves, their clients, and their communities. I love telling the behind-the-scenes stories for a range of creative projects, and learning interesting details about the people who design them. Whether drafting an article for publication or creating content for a website (yours or your client’s), I approach each writing assignment from a journalistic point of view—I ask the 5W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How … ok, 5W’s and an H. I then craft a narrative that fits the scope of the project.

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In 2014, I co-wrote LogoLounge 9 with Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge. The book features more than 2,000 logos from around the world, selected by an expert panel of judges. I interviewed more than 20 designers, writing case studies about the logos they designed for clients such as Southwest Airlines, Awake Chocolate, Nike Women’s Marathon, Harlem Eat Up, among others. here’s a sneak-peek at the Awake Chocolate branding story. I’m currently working with Bill on content for LogoLounge 10.

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Most recently, I served as the acquisitions editor at Rockport Publishers for seven and a half years, developing the graphic design list. I collaborated with authors and designers to develop content for 20 highly illustrative design titles a year. I was also responsible for editing and managing Rockport’s design blog, RockPaperInk. In addition to writing content for the site, I worked closely with all contributors, maintaining a regular posting schedule and editing and approving all articles before they went live.

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Previous to my employment at Rockport, I was the editorial director of the publishing division at Dynamic Graphics, Inc., and served as the Editor in Chief of STEP inside design, a bimonthly, international design magazine. In 2003, under my leadership, the magazine was nominated for a National Magazine Award for general excellence by the American Society of Magazine Editors. We didn’t win, but as they say at the Oscars, “It was an honor just being nominated.”



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